The latest addition to our group is the newly established factory. We started manufacturing Ambulance vehicles in collaboration with Mercedes; using their excellent chassis. The first production line is located in the free zone area of Egypt and expansion plans are already on track to cater the need of Mobile Clinics, Mobile Hospitals and Medical Equipment.

Our Products
  • Field / Mobile Hospitals

    Our scope of service relating to mobile hospitals is summed up very quickly. All diagnostic and treatment options which are available for static hospitals, can be turned by Global into mobile options. Laboratory, and X-ray equipment, computer tomograph etc can all be installed into the vehicle or can be delivered as an extendable truck container.

    If you need a small treatment unit or a complete hospital, if there is a basic vehicle like a van or a trailer unit. We will translate your ideas into reality –with the unique International quality. Naturally, we are constructing special solutions like blood bank – or blood plasma buses, including a logical freezing system.


    Ambulances are effectively the first aid among the vehicles. Finally it is not only our medical equipment,which enables the “all round specialist”, to give professional help, quickly and efficiently.Whether based on a passenger car, van or lorry or constructed as an emergency vehicle, Patient Transport Ambulance or Mobile Intensive Care Unit: BINZ can meet the challenge. We are developing and constructing Ambulance for different medical tasks.

    We are especially famous for our highly functional and perfect solution, which we can construct either as a customer –related adapted standard vehicle or as a cost saving serial production vehicle. Highlights like the A2003-a Patient Transport Ambulance based on a stretched Mercedes Benz E- Class –special Baby – MICU or special superstructures for Infection Transport demonstrate most definitely our capabilities,which emanate from our ancestral sphere of competence. Whatever the scale of the task, we will deliver quality, functional and service.

    Specialty Vehicles

    Our Specialty Vehicles uniquely tailored to reflet your personal desires. We offers an extensive range of various Options designed with the most discerning client in mind such as cool box behind rear seat center armset, LCD-screen at the partion and others. Our craftsmen are dedicated to delivering quality standardsothers can merely dream about. Comfort seating to personal order and taste. Personal luxury trim optionsto rear compartment. Assured security and privacy with electrically operated tinted glass panel. Lets express your generosity to those you love and estimate.