• Introduction to Community Service

    A service that companies perform for the benefit of its local community. It is noted that many of the international companies in different parts of the world have community service activities. Such companies believe it is the right of the community, where they are located to benefit from their presence within the community.

  • Community service activities

    1. Decorative and Cleaning works based on the absolute religious teachings and social values.

    2. Treatment of needy patients of the neighborhood.

    3. Care of the elderly, handicapped and special needs citizens.

    4. Building of pedestrian crossing bridges.

    5. Decorating public parks.

    6. Offering scholarships.

    7. Contributions in the form of products such as dust bins.

    8. Donating road cleaning vehicles, ambulances …….etc.

    9. Educational programs to raise public awareness and highlighting the spirit of (Team Work).

    The functions of the community service may vary according to companies capabilities

  • Application strategy