Today the region stands at the beginning of a new era in the healthcare system. The move has been steady up the ladder towards achieving quality service meeting the international standards. Thanks to the support and the efforts of the health authorities in the region for : There are many examples of government hospitals and institutions, some of which date back to over half a century, that are forming the base of supporting a well established infrastruction that lead to the current development.Take the Salmaniya Hospital in Bahrain, supported by local world class surgeons and physicians. Al Razi and Sabah Hospital complex in Kuwait have been breading Fellows in different health disciplines and it is almost certain that you will find that one of them served in almost every country if not every hospital in the region.

When talking of Saudi, there are loads of them. The Specialty Hospital, King Fahad and a long list where international standards applied with surgeries and services that are unsurpassed, look at the Joined Twins Separation. Hamad Hospital in Doha – The milestone in healthcare and foundation for the next generation of superior quality healthcare system for Qatar.In Oman’s Kholwa and Royal hospital you can see sustained quality service supported by sound local and international professionals. When it comes to the Emirates, then look at the Jazeerah, Central hospital and Rashid hospital offering best at its time and followed by Dubai Healthcare City, Sheikh Khalifa Medical City. From Emirates, as always wait for the surprise in the near future to come, where new dimensions of healthcare standards will be set here.

The private sector is playing a positive role in attaining its position in this growth. This is to go in line with the changes in the region in terms of economy, population, resources, infrastructure, policies… and above all the role this region is going to play in the future. Looking at the strength and stability one would see that not only is the healthcare system developing at steady pace but also the evolvement of sound institutions both international and local that are contributing towards positioning the region as a site for future healthcare reference, to say the least, regionally.

What the future is bringing to us is sound healthcare providers that will add to the better health for humanity and with the local authorities encouragement, we are yet to see more of the private sector realization of its contribution. Again thanks to the policy makers.


Dr. Bahaa El Din El Shaarani
Shaarani Group