• About PTV

    Ambulances are effectively the first aid among the vehicles. Finally it is not only our medical equipment,which enables the “all round specialist”, to give professional help, quickly and efficiently.Whether based on a passenger car, van or lorry or constructed as an emergency vehicle, Patient Transport Ambulance or Mobile Intensive Care Unit: BINZ can meet the challenge. We are developing and constructing Ambulance for different medical tasks.

    We are especially famous for our highly functional and perfect solution, which we can construct either as a customer –related adapted standard vehicle or as a cost saving serial production vehicle. Highlights like the A2003-a Patient Transport Ambulance based on a stretched Mercedes Benz E- Class –special Baby – MICU or special superstructures for Infection Transport demonstrate most definitely our capabilities,which emanate from our ancestral sphere of competence. Whatever the scale of the task, we will deliver quality, functional and service