• Anatomical Shoulder System

    This unique system is like an individually produced prosthesis specifically designed for each patient. The modularity and design of the Anatomical Shoulder System allows accurate and reproducible reconstruction of the glenohumeral joint thus restoring improved kinematics of the limb. In order to reconstruct the proximal humerus anatomically it is necessary to reproduce the size and orientation of the humeralhead accurately.

    The humeral head prosthesis is adjusted to this anatomical position on the humeral stem prosthesis and then firmly locked. With the removable head option, the stem is situated below the resection line for unobstructed glenoid access.

  • Anatomical Shoulder Fracture System

    The Anatomical Shoulder Fracture System treats complex 3- and 4-part fractures of the proximal humerus. With the unique features and anatomical design of this stem, a complex case is now simplified with this specially designed implant for tough fracture cases.

    The aggressive fracture spikes allow for stable anchoring of the tuberosities to the stem — increasing primary stability. Additionally, the system offers a left and right proximal configuration of the humeral head that optimizes suture hole orientation in order to aid in the repositioning of the tuberosities below the head, restoring the original anatomy.

  • Anatomical Shoulder Inverse/Reverse SystemSystem

    With the Anatomical Shoulder System, and now with the innovative Anatomical Shoulder Inverse/Reverse System, Zimmer offers surgeons a complete shoulder solution with the possibility to revise hemi- and total-shoulder arthroplasties with the current implanted cemented or press-fit stems to a reverse shoulder.

    The Trabecular Metal™ Technology Reverse Base Plate may be used with the Anatomical Shoulder™ Inverse/Reverse Stem. Such revision might be necessary in the setting of irreparable rotator cuff tear. This greatly simplifies and shortens revision surgery, since the need to remove a well-fixed stem is eliminated.

  • Anatomical Shoulder Combined System

    The Anatomical Shoulder Combined System offers a simple, reproducible surgical technique. Three fixed neck angle adaptors are offered: 42°, 45°, and 48°. These adaptors allow an Anatomical Shoulder stem to be used with the Bigliani/Flatow® humeral heads and glenoids, including the Trabecular Metal™ Glenoid

    This allows numerous sizing options to achieve anatomical fit along with the benefits of Trabecular Metal Material. The convertible stems also allow for revision cases from a total to an inverse/reverse without the frustration of removing a well-fixed stem.

  • Bigliani/Flatow The Complete Shoulder Solution  
  • Bigliani/Flatow The Complete Shoulder Solution

    Backed by the clinical and development expertise of shoulder surgeons, this shoulder system replicates as nearly as possible the natural mobility, balance, and stability of the joint. A range of implant sizes matches patient anatomy, thus preserving bone stock. The proportionally sized pegs/keel of the Bigliani/Flatow Shoulder glenoid help to enhance initial fixation.

    The glenoid articular surface provides a central conforming zone surrounded by a non-conforming zone. This patented variable conformity helps ensure stability throughout the range of motion.