• Welcome to Rebstock®

    It is our first and foremost goal to help the physicians and patients all over the world and to provide them with a maximum of safety. All processes of our company have been aiming at this goal. In accordance with internationally applicable standards, we only use best raw materials, because they are the precondition for highest quality and precision of our instruments and implants.

    The processing is conducted by highly qualified specialists using state-of-the-art machinery and highly precise tools. All manufacturing processes up to the shipping of the finished products are subject to frequent quality controls. Even our guaranteed after sales service is subject to process oriented controlling – we just do not take any chances.

  • Production Quality

    The use of carefully selected raw materials constitutes the warranty for the production of durable instruments and implants with the highest degree of functionality. Therefore, we only use raw materials, which conform to international regulations or even exceed them. Although we use state-of the- art CNC controlled processing centers, which work accurately down to one hundredths of a millimeter, the qualified surgical device mechanics are the heart of our production. They have many years of experience, extensive technical knowledge and understanding as well as a high degree of mechanical skills.

  • Product Line

    Our extensive product line contains the entire range of instruments for all surgery techniques of modern human medicine. Leading surgeons worldwide prefer our instruments, because they attach great importance to durability, safety, reliability and functionality. All instruments and implants are adapted to their respective fields of application, systems are compatible among one another and complement each other.


    Headrest systems to fix the patient´s head, flexible Leyla retractor systems, instruments for brain surgeries, craniomaxillofacial plating systems and aneurysm clips for cerebral vascular occlusion. we are manufacturing special and highly precise neurosurgical micro- instruments.

    Cardiovascular Surgery

    Especially in cardiovascular surgery the safety and reliability of the instruments is of utmost importance. We are offering diverse instruments and spreaders for the operation access to give the surgeon ideal conditions and good visibility to the operation field.


    Everything for orthopedic surgeries is in our new and comprehensive osteosynthesis catalogue. Of course, we have suitable and complete instrument sets for all our implants, because the surgery can only come to the optimal result with the right implant and the corresponding instruments.

    Sterile - Container- System

    The dimensions of our containers comply to international standards and therefore ideally fit the washing and sterilization machines to secure an economic process. Due to the quick and easy handling of the containers, the surgical sets can be provided for use within seconds.

    General Surgical Instruments

    We are also offering complete ranges of instruments for other surgical disciplines like gynaecology, ENT, urology, obstetrics and abdominal surgery. Do not make any compromises in this fields as well.Put your confidence in us and focus on quality, reliability and sustainability that pays off.