• A.T.S® 1200 Automatic Tourniquet System

    The lightweight A.T.S. 1200 Tourniquet System is a single-port, dual-cuff surgical tourniquet system with microprocessor controls and proprietary safety features that make tourniquet application and monitoring convenient and reliable. These key design elements free the healthcare team to focus on surgery.

    Battery back-up, visual and audio alarms, positive locking connectors, and other proprietary features help ensure patient safety. Cuff lockout feature keeps the cuff inflated even if the unit is turned off. Advanced microprocessor technology includes self-diagnostic tests and continuous monitoring for consistently dependable performance.

  • A.T.S® 3000 Automatic Tourniquet System

    The A.T.S. 3000 Automatic Tourniquet System is a dual-port, dual-cuff medical tourniquet system with microprocessor controls and dedicated ports for supplying and measuring pressure independently. With the innovative Limb Occlusion Pressure (LOP) feature, the A.T.S. 3000 Tourniquet combines the latest in advanced surgical tourniquet technology with the well-established Zimmer tradition of safety, reliability and convenience.

    Automatically checks the accuracy of the machine calibration each time the unit is powered on, saving time. Alerts user of cuff status when attempt is made to set the machine to stand-by. Feature prompts the user to confirm the deflation command during bilateral or IVRA procedure to reduce complications due to sudden cuff deflation.

  • Wound Debridement System  
  • Zimmer® Pulsavac® Plus AC Wound Debridement System

    The Pulsavac Plus AC Wound Debridement System combines convenience and power for a smooth and efficient flow of pulsatile irrigation and debridement. Orthopaedic surgeons have come to depend on the Pulsavac Plus System for superior surgical sound debridement and wound care. Now, surgeons can utilize the benefits of the Pulsavac Plus System with the new Pulsavac Plus AC Wound Debridement System.

    The Pulsavac Plus AC System is a disposable, environmentally friendly system that includes a lightweight hand piece; a variety of tips; and a reusable AC adapter box, available in nine different country configurations that eliminates the need for alkaline batteries. Trigger- controlled pressure settings offer powerful wound vacuum cleaning action for bone or a gentle lavage for soft tissue. Concurrent suction and irrigation thoroughly remove debris and contaminants without flooding the field.

  • Blood Management System  
  • Zimmer® Blood Reinfusion System

    The Zimmer Blood Reinfusion System is an easy-to-use postoperative blood management tool that can help reduce the dependency on banked blood, including preoperative autologous donation. Fully integrated and completely portable, the Zimmer Blood Reinfusion System effectively salvages and filters the patient’s own blood postoperatively.

    Unlike other systems that require mechanical devices or pumps, the Zimmer Blood Reinfusion System uses its own Hemovac Technology for low, gentle suction that helps reduce the risk of hemolysis. And, since it is a completely closed system, it also reduces the risk of contamination.

  • Hemovac® Evacuators

    The Hemovac Infection Control System consists of a specially designed 400ml evacuator and a disposable exudate bag. Both combine to form a closed system, minimizing the clinician’s exposure to blood. An innovative ball valve in the bag attachment spout on the evacuator, and a one-way flutter valve in the disposable exudate bag keep all fluids confined within the system. Drainage records can be written on the area provided on the exudate bag. The exudate bag holds up to 450ml of fluid and, when full, is simply detached and discarded. The closed system minimizes the clinician’s exposure to blood.

    The Hemovac Infection Control Minibulb System makes emptying exudate easy while minimizing the clinician’s exposure to blood. The collection bag holds up to 150ml and can be securely attached to the evacuator with a luer-lock connector. One-way flutter valve keeps all collected fluids confined within the system. When full, the bag is simply discarded.

  • Bone Cements & Accessories  
  • PALACOS® Bone Cements

    Zimmer, a leader in orthopedics, is cementing confidence throughout the industry with PALACOS Bone Cement. With more than 50 years of proven clinical success, PALACOS cement stands apart from other bone cements. With its unique green color, PALACOS bone cement provides a clear contrast to bone and tissue for greater visibility.

    Available with the addition of Gentamicin, PALACOS R+G provides consistent antibiotic distribution and reduced revision risk. Its handling characteristics, high viscosity and quick dough time, make it easy to use for orthopedic replacement procedures. This makes PALACOS cement ideal for conventional or minimally invasive surgery.

  • Zimmer® Power-Mix Vacuum Cement Mixing System

    The Zimmer Power-Mix Vacuum Cement Mixing System is stirring up traditional vacuum mixers with its fast, convenient setup and ease of operation. Manually mix bone cement by using the ergonomically designed handle, or power mix by using the optional reamer attachment. The innovative, self-contained stirring element does not have to be removed before injecting the orthopedic cement. This not only eliminates an extra preparation step, but also the related hassle and mess.

    The disposable, sterile kit consists of a clear bone cement mixing cartridge for better visibility, a funnel, base, break-away nozzle, obturator, vacuum tubing set, and an ampule disposal bag. The system thoroughly mixes and delivers cement in the same device, eliminating the need for separate syringes, bowls, and tubes. The mixing cartridge is easily loaded into the Power-Flo® Bone Cement Injector.

  • Zimmer® Compact Vacuum Cement Mixing System

    The Zimmer Compact Vacuum Cement Mixing System has been designed for fast, hassle-free mixing of high viscosity bone cements. Its self-contained mixing element thoroughly mixes orthopedic cement and eliminates the added mess and inconvenience of removing the bone cement mixing element prior to injection. The wide-mouth funnel makes loading of ingredients a clean and simple process.

    The system comes with a vacuum pump adapter which allows for connection to various vacuum sources, and the system is equipped with a visual indicator for easy vacuum mixing.This disposable, sterile device is optimally packaged for efficient storage and minimal waste. The mixing cartridge is designed to easily load into the Power-Flo® Bone Cement Injector.

  • Skin Grafting Systems  
  • Zimmer® Air Dermatome II

    For over 50 years, the Zimmer Dermatome has been the standard in the industry, providing reliability and the “power of precision” time after time. Zimmer sets the standard for skin grafting instruments. Now the standard has been raised with the new Zimmer Air Dermatome II. Numerous proprietary innovations have been added to this surgical grafting instrument to simplify set-up, reduce sharps exposure and allow for automated washing.

    All of which result in consistent and reliable skin graft harvesting. A proprietary width plate locking mechanism ensures correct installation to keep the width plate and blade in the proper position during harvesting. Additionally, only one locking screw is needed, which saves you time.

  • Zimmer® Electric Dermatome

    When it comes to skin grafting instruments, Zimmer, with over 50 years of experience, not only gives you the power of precision, but also the power of choice. You choose the power source that works best for you with Zimmer's Air or Electric Dermatome surgical grafting instruments. Both deliver a smooth cutting action that produce clean, uniform grafts.

    With Zimmer’s Air and Electric Dermatomes you get accurate cuts time and time again. Both deliver smooth, high-speed cutting action which allows for virtually effortless cutting. Cut thicknesses are easily selected and constantly maintained using a calibrated dial. Uniform graft widths are maintained with width plates that insert quickly and easily. Our precision cutting blades are packaged sterile and require no lubrication for ultimate convenience.

  • Meshgraft™ II

    The Meshgraft II Tissue Expansion System is intended to create perforations in a skin graft so it can be expanded to cover a recipient site that is larger than the donor site. Use of the Meshgraft II System also provides improved drainage, increased edge exposure, minimal contracture and conformance to irregular body surfaces.

    The Meshgraft II Tissue Expansion System is a manually operated instrument used with a Dermacarrier™ II Skin Graft Carrier to obtain greater area coverage from a conventional sheet graft. It consists of a continuous feed roller, a cutter, a guidance plateau, a ratchet handle, and a curved stabilizing bar/carrying handle. The guidance plateau ensures proper alignment of the Dermacarrier II Skin Graft Carrier and the cutter. The ratchet handle facilitates proper advancement.

  • Zimmer® Skin Graft Mesher

    The Zimmer Skin Graft Mesher is a surgical skin graft tool designed for simple operation. The Zimmer Skin Graft Mesher is engineered to provide durability, convenience, and dependability in surgical skin grafting procedures. The Meshgraft II System offers five skin ratios, 1.5:1, 3:1, 6:1, and 9:1 through the use of the Dermacarriers™ II Skin Graft Carriers.

    The Meshgraft II instrument consists of a ratchet handle, continuous feed roller, a cutting roller, and a guidance plateau. The guidance plateau helps ensure a proper alignment of the Dermacarriers II Skin Graft Carriers and cutting rollers, and the ratchet handle facilitates proper advancement of the carrier.

  • Traction  
  • Zimmer® Patient Helper HD Hospital Patient Lift

    The Zimmer Patient Helper HD (Heavy Duty) is a hospital patient lift designed as a patient assistive device for use during ingress to the bed and egress from the bed. The patient lifting device is designed for use by patients weighing up to 400 pounds.

    It features adjustable height and can also be adjusted from left to right to assist patient movement within the bed. The Zimmer Patient Helper HD is an available option for traction setups for the Hill-Rom CareAssist, Hill-Rom Advanta II and Hill-Rom 1000 beds.The Zimmer Patient Helper HD has a Multi-part overhead bar design