• Zimmer® Pulsavac® Plus AC Wound Debridement System

    The Pulsavac Plus AC Wound Debridement System combines convenience and power for a smooth and efficient flow of pulsatile irrigation and debridement. Orthopaedic surgeons have come to depend on the Pulsavac Plus System for superior surgical sound debridement and wound care. Now, surgeons can utilize the benefits of the Pulsavac Plus System with the new Pulsavac Plus AC Wound Debridement System.

    The Pulsavac Plus AC System is a disposable, environmentally friendly system that includes a lightweight hand piece; a variety of tips; and a reusable AC adapter box, available in nine different country configurations that eliminates the need for alkaline batteries. Trigger - controlled pressure settings offer powerful wound vacuum cleaning action for bone or a gentle lavage for soft tissue. Concurrent suction and irrigation thoroughly remove debris and contaminants without flooding the field.

  • Blood Management System  
  • Zimmer® Blood Reinfusion System

    The Zimmer Blood Reinfusion System is an easy-to-use postoperative blood management tool that can help reduce the dependency on banked blood, including preoperative autologous donation. Fully integrated and completely portable, the Zimmer Blood Reinfusion System effectively salvages and filters the patient’s own blood postoperatively.

    Unlike other systems that require mechanical devices or pumps, the Zimmer Blood Reinfusion System uses its own Hemovac Technology for low, gentle suction that helps reduce the risk of hemolysis. And, since it is a completely closed system, it also reduces the risk of contamination.

  • Hemovac® Evacuators

    The Hemovac Infection Control System consists of a specially designed 400ml evacuator and a disposable exudate bag. Both combine to form a closed system, minimizing the clinician’s exposure to blood. An innovative ball valve in the bag attachment spout on the evacuator, and a one-way flutter valve in the disposable exudate bag keep all fluids confined within the system. Drainage records can be written on the area provided on the exudate bag. The exudate bag holds up to 450ml of fluid and, when full, is simply detached and discarded. The closed system minimizes the clinician’s exposure to blood.

    The Hemovac Infection Control Minibulb System makes emptying exudate easy while minimizing the clinician’s exposure to blood. The collection bag holds up to 150ml and can be securely attached to the evacuator with a luer-lock connector. One-way flutter valve keeps all collected fluids confined within the system. When full, the bag is simply discarded.